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I created this website in 2010 under the name “Inspiration and Light”. I was inspired to share information about the great awakening that was taken place in the word, particularly leading up to the famous December 2012 energetic transformation.

At first I shared articles and videos from spiritual teachers, leaders, and visionaries. Over time I began writing my own articles, inspirational stories from my life and what I call “Life Guidance”, tips on how to live a more joyful life. I also started creating my own inspirational memes and from time to time I share my photography.

Here are some my favorite and most popular posts over the years.

Life Guidance:

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Personal Stories:

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Beautiful Description of the Coming Age

Year 2012 According to Sai Baba

What I do

My main business is designing websites and providing digital marketing services for clients in the mind body spirit industry. I’ve been working with the web since 1997 when I project managed a website for the Natural Law Party of Canada. I especially love working with mind body spirit clients. I feel good about helping positive people spread their light and joy in the world. Visit Guy Harvey Design for more information.

I also produce and promote events in my local area. I have produced two concerts with sacred music star Snatam Kaur and hosted a workshop by internationally known spiritual teacher Mirabai Devi. I recently helped organized an event called “Stories of Our Fathers” where men shared intimate memories of their father.

I recently completed my Angel Card Reading Certification course and offer readings in person and by telephone and Skype. I am three months into a one year training course “Living in Divine Grace” which is teaching me how to do vibrational energy healing.

I also like to photograph and am currently enamored by tree photography. View samples of my work at Guy Harvey Photography.

My Story

I was born into a comfortable family in England. Even though I  had everything, I felt there was more to life. My search for something deeper led me to Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

I spent many years following Maharishi, working for him, and doing very long meditations in silent retreats and living as a recluse.

After some years I was drawn back into the world. I started a busines and married and began family life when my son was born in 2000.

In 2008 Maharishi left this world. At that time my marriage ended in divorce and soon after my brother died. The years that followed were an intense journey of healing and self discovery as I worked through these painful life events.

I began writing and sharing through my blog, learning new healing techniques, and learning to connect with my divine guides.

The healing journey continues for me and at times it’s very difficult. It can feel like I will never move through the pain. And it’s not only the pain from recent events but from my whole life and lifetimes before me.

However through it all I feel more grace and support from the divine than ever before and I am learning to trust and have faith that all will be well.

I am moving more into my divine purpose. I apply my internet skills to clients in the mind body soul field and I am learning how to do energy healing and life guidance.

The journey continues and I am grateful for  it.

Photo credits: 1. With Dylan 2003 2. With my brother Tim, Euro 2004 Lisbon 3. With Dylan, Iowa 2003.

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