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How to Heal Yourself with Divine Mother’s Tools

Teleseminar or Live in Fairfield, May 25, 30, June 18, 25.

It’s wonderful to go to healing classes or to go to see a healer, but there’s nothing like being able to heal yourself and having the tools to do it. Divine Mother wants you to know how to heal. She is offering a special four lesson online course to learn this invaluable skill.

Facilitator: Connie Heubner.

Class assistant: Guy Harvey

Weekly Masterminding and Intention Setting Meeting

Fairfield CoLab, 107 1/2 South Main – Every Thursday at 12.15 p.m. to 1 p.m.

This is a positive intention setting meeting. We share inspirations from the past week, our personal achievements for the week and set positive goals for the following week.

Cost: Free, open to everyone.

Facilitator:  Guy Harvey

Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar Fairfield Soul Gathering

Live in Fairfield, November 1st, 8 PM, Phoenix Rising Hall.

Discover what has more than 8 million YouTube viewers feeling loved, supported, awakened, and opened to the greatest possibilities in life as part of “The Love Revolution.”

Ticket purchase details to be announced soon.


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