Guy’s Bio

Guy was born in England in 1960. At the age of twenty he learned to meditate. He spent several years in secluded retreats practicing meditation for several hours a day. He participated in large assemblies where thousands meditated together for world peace. He worked for over a decade teaching and promoting meditation and alternative health in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

He isĀ a foundingĀ member of the visionary political party, The Natural Law Party (NLP). He was a parliamentary candidate for the NLP of UK in 1992 and also for the NLP of Canada in 1993. He worked extensively as a campaign organizer for the NLP in UK and Canada.

He developed a 20 year career in marketing and promotion focusing on Internet, social media, and event promotion. He worked for three years as the social media strategist for a leading technology consulting firm.

In recent years he began to increasingly apply his promotional skills to organizations in the mind, body, spirit arena. He has worked with the Transcendental Meditation movement and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Natural Law Parties of UK and Canada, Snatam Kaur (sacred music star), Mirabai Devi (international spiritual teacher) and Divine Mother Guidance and Healing.

He is an avid seeker of knowledge particularly in the areas of natural health, healing, and spiritual awakening. In 2010 he created the Inspiration and Light blog to share this passion.

In 2015 he began offering intuitive guidance sessions, coaching and vibrational energy healings. He is a founding member of the Fairfield Iowa CoLab (a collaborative workspace) and leads a weekly mastermind and intention setting class.

He is also a photo artist and has self-published a book of his work: Fairfield Iowa and Vedic City: A Color Image Gallery. Most of the photos on this site are his original works.

He lives in Fairfield, Iowa.

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