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The Pain from the Loss of My Father 32 Years Ago

In my men's group, I did some processing on an issue around my discomfort and procrastinating when it comes to connecting with those that have lost loved ones or are facing death. It came back in part to pain that I have in my heart, related to my dad dying when I was...

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The Power of Kindness

English soccer team, Stoke City, were playing an English Premiere League game at Chelsea in London. Two Stoke fans traveled several hours to the game and arrived at the stadium only to realize that they had left their tickets on the bus. The bus was locked for the...

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My Memory of David Bowie

My first memory of David Bowie is listening to the song Changes in my dad's Rover. I was maybe 13. My brother was 4 years older than me and was allowed to drive the Rover. I just remember the Hunky Dory cassette just stayed in the player and we played it over and over...

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A Visit to a Former Home Helps Heal the Past

My friend scored a house sit in Maharishi Vedic City for 10 days in July. I used to live there and in fact her house sit was in the same development where I had lived. It was fun to be there again. Vedic City is a unique place in the world. It's a physical space,...

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From Fish and Chips to Concorde, My Dad 1925-1985

Thirty years ago to this day I received a phone call in the evening. I was a student in Quebec City at the time. It was my dad's secretary Marie. She said "I have very bad news for you, Dad's dead". He had a massive heart attack while been driven home from London...

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Where There is Life There is Hope

Winston Churchill said never, never, never give up. Chelsea Football Club reached the UEFA European Champions League Final in 2012 - this is the most prestigious championship in world club soccer. For eight seasons Chelsea had attempted to win this trophy. They lost...

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