Intuitive Guidance


You Are a Divine Being Learning to Experience Your Divinity in Your Human Form


Every person experiences both creative and destructive phases in their lives. This is part of the human experience.

Even though we all have this experience, we are more often than not challenged to our core by the destructive phases e.g. loss of a job, divorce, break up, financial loss, and loss of health.

In an intuitive guidance session I will help you come to terms with whatever you are experiencing and assist you in returning to your natural state of love and joy.

You will learn about the Seven Hearts of Awakening and how they can help you create a positive transformation in your life. These Seven Hearts are: Divine Connection, Self-Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Faith and Trust, and The Power of Feeling Good Now.

Benefits of a Intuitive Guidance Session

Less fear
A return to joy
More hopefulness

Increased self-love and self appreciation


Learn practical strategies to move forward with your life.

My Experience


I’ve been meditating for over 37 years including several years spent in secluded ashrams where I meditated for many hours a day.


I worked under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for 10 years, teaching and promoting courses for the development of higher consciousness.


I’ve taken thousand of hours of courses in Vedic science (the study of consciousness), Ayurvedic health (including courses with Depak Chopra), Vedic astrology, and Vedic architecture.


I’ve taken extensive self-development training including Peak Potential’s Warrior Camp, Wizard Camp, and Life Directions; and Mind Kind Project New Warrior Training.


I am a graduate of the Dialogue with Divine Mother where I learned to dialog with ascended masters and have taken hundreds of hours of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing classes.


I have had many losses in my life including losing three family members, getting divorced, and financial loss. Extensive experience with coaching and healing services has helped me recover from these losses.

Client Experiences

I was reminded of all the ways to come back to center. My perspective of the importance of being a mom changed completely. I was reminded that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment. I was reminded of how to connect to the Divine and come from love. Ericka French

Writer and Editor

I found myself sitting with my dear friend Guy in my house just pouring my heart out over a situation that had arisen and he was just intently listening and then I began to notice a cool wave of love entering my heart and totally mitigating what I had been feeling. It was almost concrete, yet Guy had not said a word, just was streaming the technology he has learned to me wordlessly and it was VERY tangible. I wish all interactions with all people were like this. It was a gift to experience it. R.S, Iowa

Guy is a deeply spiritual, but also grounded and very innocent (in the sense of pure) and sincere person. I trust him. Some time ago he took me on a guided journey (mentally) which had the elements of purification, protection and divine blessings. I basically sat there deeply relaxed, very inward. I even closed my eyes (though I did not have to) and I just absorbed what he was saying – new to me – it felt alright. I let it sink into me and do its work. I practice meditation on a daily basis and it has done a lot of good things for me over the years. There are times where one wants additional support. What Guy does comes from a very pure level. I appreciated it and I appreciate Guy. S.M, Iowa

Graduate Student

Guy Harvey: Inspiration, Guidance, and Healing.


© 2018 Guy Harvey

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