We are going through a period of great spiritual transformation in the world. We all need help surfing this transformation. I am here to help.

My name is Guy Harvey. I am a Blissful Life Guide and Self-Awakening Coach. I created this website in 2010, primarily to share knowledge and information about spiritual awakening. I shared a lot of posts and videos from some of the leading spiritual teachers of our time. Recently I’ve begun writing my own articles, some practical insighst on how to lead a more joyful life, some deep sharing of personal stories. I also write regular Inspirational quote memes. Here are some of my popular blog posts. Definitely check out Times of Tribulations and Beautiful Description of the Coming Age. These stories really inspired me on my awakening journey.


I’ve always been very intuitive and empathetic and over the years many people have come to me for advice. I am now studying for my certifications in Quantum Life Coaching, Angel Card Reading, and Divine Mother Vibrational Healing. I will begin offering these services in 2017. If you have a challenge, I can help shift your energy to a deeper spiritual perspective so you can move through the challenge with greater ease and grace.

Over the last thirty years I’ve organized and promoted many workshops, tours, and media events for both spiritul organizations and activist organizations.  Now I produce events for fun with my favorite spiritual teachers and healers. I’ve worked on events for Snatam Kaur (sacred music start), Mirabai Devi (spiritual teacher), the Transcendental Meditation organization (USA, Canada, UK), the Natural Law Party (in UK and Canada).

I’ve been working with the Internet since 1997. I love helping small businesses in the mind-body spirit field with their digital marketing. I design WordPress websites, manage social media campaigns including Facebook advertising campaigns, and help with digital set ups like teleseminars and webinars. I am partnered with a provider of SEO, Google Adwords, and conversation optimization services.

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Guy Harvey: Intuitive Guidance and Healing for Life's Challenges.


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