I had a brilliant idea in December of last year – sell my car in order to pay all my living expenses while I was unemployed. Looking back on it, it wasn’t such a brilliant idea. I can go into that another time but needless to say I did sell my car. I lived right down town and could walk to most places. I started to use my bike more. I learned that I was driving my car to places that were only a 10 minute bike ride or a 20 minute walk away. I got healthier and fitter. The best thing about it is that it changed my habit. Now I have a car again I find myself occasionally slipping into the habit of the quick spurt in the car. I’ll take my car for day and at the end of the day realize I didn’t get any exercise and it doesn’t feel good. So the next day I’ll bike to work again.

I biked to work today, it was refreshing and energizing on the way there and relaxing and calming on the way home. One of the gifts of having to downsize my life was discovering simple gifts that make me happy that have very little to do with how much money I have.

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