When you realize that the life you have is the greatest blessing and opportunity you'll ever have, the magic begins.

Guy Harvey, Life Spirit Guide

Are you going through a major transition in your life?

Have you recently experienced a significant loss?

Have you lost a loved one, or has a relationship has ended, or have you suffered a job loss or financial loss, or  experienced a loss of health?

These major losses and transitions in life throw us for a loop.

They make us question everything, including ourselves and God.

Are you wondering why is this happening to you?

Or wondering how are you going to get out of this situation ?

Do you want to know when will you feel better again?

And when will everything go your way for once?

Do you just want to give up?

Have you lost faith in yourself and the universe?

These are all natural human experiences on the life’s journey.

Life has a natural cycle of destruction and creation.

It’s during these difficult transitions that we experience the greatest spiritual growth.

Sometimes God, the Divine, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, pushes our noses against the wall.

This is so we are forced to wake up to a greater truth of who we are.

I am here to help.

I am a Life Spirit Guide and I can help you you move through this difficult transitions with Grace.

I will help you discover the infinite Divine Love that resides in your hearts and which is the solution to all problems.

If you feel a nudge to contact me, please do, there is reason we are meant to connect.

Work With Me

Intuitive Guidance

Guidance and support to help with life’s difficult challenges.

Energy Healing

Remove stuck and blocked energy that is holding you back.

Live Events

Group energy healing, sacred circles, and masterminds.


Guy is a gift from God. His wisdom and tenderness left me feeling truly seen and heard for the first time in many years. The guidance he channeled from the Divine Mother gave me the peace and clarity I needed to move forward with confidence. I have worked with the Blessed Virgin Mary for years, and when he invoked her for heart chakra feeling her energy signature was strong and authentic. It was a quantum leap in healing for me and I am deeply grateful. Do yourself a favor and invest in his sessions. I am certain he will take excellent care of you.


Astrologer and Intuitive, North Carolina

I just want to thank you so much for the Divine Mother Healing session. It really helped me clear my etheric body from what was holding me back which ended up bringing to light aspects of myself that I needed to heal. I have used the technique of sending the negative entities to the light by saying ‘Go to the Light’ in a commanding voice and it works wonderfully. It conserves my energy because they seem to listen right away. Thank you again, I am so grateful to you and to the Divine Mother.



Thank you Guy, for your honesty and gentleness everytime we meet again. Thank you for your warmth and love, for reminding me why the most powerful magic in this world is and can only ever be Love. Nothing ever surpasses the love we hold inside, the love we share and the love we return back to again and again. Grateful for your service always.


Photographer, North Carolina

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