In the last few years I’ve intensified my interest in the area of healing, whether it’s for physical or emotional issues. I’ve spent a good part of my spiritual life on a path that emphasized the development of higher states of consciousness. It has been a fantastic journey and I am grateful for every moment of it. At the same time I became aware of my own emotional patterns and to a lesser extent, physical issues, that didn’t resolve. The patterns stayed with me no matter how much meditation I was doing or higher awareness I was experiencing.

Embodiment in Physical Form

In my spiritual circles it’s popular to say “I am not the body”. We say how all will be well when we experience non-physical reality after death. Well that may all be true but I suggest we all are here to embody God consciousness in the human form. In order to do that we need emotionally and healthy physical bodies and minds.

My journey and discovery of healing modalities led to me a practice called Quantum Gazing which is facilitated by Connie Shaw. Quantum Gazing is healing conducted by the Ascended Masters. In my home town of Fairfield we participate in Gazing around 4 times a year via an interactive Skype connection with Connie and Jim Shaw. My favorite part of these sessions is hearing Connie report from healings that are happening around the world. I would call these healings “Christ like healings” as they are not explainable in conventional medical terms. The most remarkable cases were around six people who completely recovered from comas after relatives had held up their pictures at Gazing events. 

Quantum Healing

Connie recently shared a report from a friend who has the experience of Sai Baba appearing before her. This has been happening for several years. Recently this happened and Sai Baba gave her friend a number of predictions. One of the predictions is that there will be 10 times the healing in 2020. I was very intrigued by this prediction because I also feel we are entering a time of quantum transformation on all levels.

I believe this is a time that if we have faith and ask for what we need the Divine will answer us. New healing modalities are coming available all the time and they are taking many forms. Some are coming in the form of energy and faith healing coming from our connection with the Masters, and some are coming from new technologies and healing machines. My experience is that healing is very individual and what works for you may not work for others and vice versa and that’s why I believe all these different forms of healing are arising.

Ask and Receive

I also believe in “ask and I shall receive”. If you need healing, open your heart and ask the Divine for help. You may be surprised by what shows up. Many of us are ending the cycles of karma now so issues that previously couldn’t be released, are now available for release. Now is the the time to reach for the stars.

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