This is a wisdom message I received from Divine Mother:

“I am Divine Mother and I come in the name of God. This is an incredible time on earth. The efforts of many souls on earth and throughout the multi-dimensional existence are now coming to fruition. We are reaching a critical mass of Divine Light on the planet.

There is now enough light to create a tipping point where millions of people who haven’t previously woken up, will awake to their true Divine selves. This collective awakening will shatter all the old structures that exist on earth.

Your job is to assist your brothers and sisters with their awakening process and be the anchor for all the changes that are taking place. As old structures collapse many people will feel afraid and unsure of the future.

You are here to help them and assist them and help them understand why this is happening and why it’s necessary and help them understand the larger cosmic picture of the transformation of the world into the Golden Age.

You may also be challenged by the circumstances of changes going on around you. Remember you have been chosen for this mission and you have everything that you need to move through this period with Grace and be of great service to others.

Everything up to this point has just been a training exercise. Now you’re entering the real deal. Don’t be afraid. You have what it takes. Call upon me, Divine Mother, and my Divine friends and ask for our assistance.

We will assist you. Thank you for being who you are and doing this wonderful service for all humanity.”

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