My friend scored a house sit in Maharishi Vedic City for 10 days in July. I used to live there and in fact her house sit was in the same development where I had lived.

It was fun to be there again. Vedic City is a unique place in the world. It’s a physical space, maybe about 10 square miles of rural Iowa dedicated to the creation of World Peace. There is Peace Palace for group meditation and a campus for Indian Vedic Pandits, custodians of ancient vedic rituals for peace and well being. All the houses are built in accordance with Maharishi Sthapatya Ved sacred architecture and all the farming is organic.

I enjoyed walking with my friend in this peaceful place, we also meditated in the Peace Palace and went to a chanting performance by the Vedic Pandits.

Also for me it was a chance to walk around where I used to live. It’s where my son grew up from about age 3 to 10. I had been back since leaving in 2009 but always there had been some painful feelings of loss that came up. I no longer live with and see him on a daily basis, whereas in the Vedic City days I spent many hours playing inside and outdoors with him.

While I walked around this time I did some healing and releasing and I felt very good. I was able to enjoy the place as it is now, for it’s beauty and peace and marvel at the wonderful environment my son grew up in and some of the fun times I had with him.

A big part of being able to enjoy it was that I was with my friend and my heart was full. I was able to let go of the past and focus on the good memories without regrets.

I don’t think it was a coincidence or a random event that I was taken back to Vedic City at this time. I believe it was divinely guided as part of my healing journey.

I am so grateful for this experience of being able to let go of the past and be appreciative and grateful of the past without regret.


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