My Mission

I’m an Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer, and Messenger based in the spiritual community of Fairfield, Iowa.

I provide wisdom, guidance, and healing for people moving through difficult life challenges. I work primarily with the energy of Divine Mother, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, St. Mary Magdalene, and St. Francis of Assisi, which I refer to as the Christ Guides.

My mission is to help people connect to their true Divine Self so that they can move through any life situation with Grace.

I’ve been through a wide range of extreme spiritual, emotional and material experiences and you will find I have deep empathy for everything you are going through.

I hold certifications in Divine Mother Energy Healing, Quantum Life Coaching, and Angel Card Reading.

I’d love to connect with you and hear about your journey. You can reach me by email or phone or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Love and blessings,

Guy Harvey



My Story

I was born into a comfortable family in England. Even though I had an easy life, I felt there was more to life. My search for something deeper led me to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Transcendental Meditation.

I spent many years following Maharishi, working for him, and doing very long meditations in silent retreats and living as a recluse. I meditated in large groups of thousands of people and helped launch the Natural Law Party in the UK and Canada, a political party based on developing the potential of human consciousness.

After some years I was drawn back into the world. I started a business and married and began family life when my son was born in 2000.

In 2008 Maharishi left this world. My marriage ended in divorce and soon after my brother died. The years that followed have an intense journey of healing and self-discovery as I worked through those painful life events and an array of emotional issues and childhood traumas.

A large part of my healing and awakening journey was working with Connie Heubner at Divine Mother Guidance and Healing. For many years I’ve participated in her Divine Mother energy healings and received training in communicating with Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters. In 2018 I became a Certified Divine Mother Healing Practitioner and began working with clients in the USA and internationally.

Every day I feel more and more grace and support from the Divine and I am learning to trust and have faith that all will be well.

The journey continues and I am grateful for it.

Photo credits: 1. With Dylan 2003 2. With my brother Tim, Euro 2004 Lisbon 3. With Dylan, Iowa 2003. 

My Blog

My blog writing themes include Life Guidance, Awakening, Health and Healing, and Personal Stories from my journey.

Here are some of my favorite and most popular posts over the years.

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Guy Harvey: Intuitive Guidance and Energy Healing.

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DISCLAIMER: I, Guy Harvey, am not a medical doctor, attorney, psychiatrist, therapist, or other licensed health professional. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease or give psychological treatment. Full disclaimer.

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