When I drop people off at the Eastern Iowa airport, I like to take a back road on the way to my home town Fairfield. Today was a beautiful Fall day and as I wound my way down the back road I saw the turn off that would take me to a farm with an old beautiful barn built in 1863. I hesitated for a second, as I’d visited it several times. I decided quickly and headed up the dirt road to the barn. It was a perfect day with clouds and contrasting light. As I started to shoot a few frames, an elderly lady came out of the farm house.

I told her I was just taken some pictures. She explained she was just going to the post box and she appreciated people that appreciated barns. She told me she was a barn nut. And then she suggested that I walk down a path below the barn to see it from a different angle. I thanked her and walked down the path.

Down the path I discovered the smaller barn that was stuffed with corn husks. It was just sublime walking around the farm. I went back to my car and just as I was about to take off I saw the sun come out again and so I hopped out and took some more frames. I saw the lady again and thanked her for being so welcoming. She was so kind, welcoming and completely without fear. She made my day.

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