I can’t remember exactly when it started, the yearning to live my divine purpose fully in this life time.

The feeling has been getting stronger, month by month, year by year. I’ve read many New Age articles that talk about how the rising frequencies on earth are forcing us to be more of our true selves.

I believe this and also I believe it is in part due to my age. I am 55 and no longer feel like a 30 year old feels, that there are endless decades to experiment with this or that.

Another factor for me is that there was a time that I felt I was living my divine purpose. I worked for the Transcendental Meditation movement and it’s off spring political party, the Natural Law Party.

At times myself or our project group got instructions right from the top, from Maharishi himself. They were halcyon days which I thought the sun would never set on. There was no doubt in my heart that I was doing God’s work.

ListentoyourheartHowever life changed, I changed and I was no longer a foot soldier in a spiritual army taking directions. I was my man, charting my own destiny. I tried many things, many different businesses, jobs, volunteering but nothing came close to the glory days of working for Maharishi and Natural Law Party.

Things came to a point a year ago when I left a corporate job which felt crushing to my spirit. I left with the intention of finding and living my divine purpose. It hasn’t been pretty. I have struggled to make a living however the freedom of time and schedule has allowed me to delve deeper into who I am and what I want.

I’ve taken time to heal, to start a relationship, to walk in nature, and volunteer my time with groups who are aligned with my divine purpose. I’ve learned to communicate with the ascended masters and ask for guidance.

All great stuff but I was still struggling financially and asked a question of Divine Mother during a healing session about money. “Why I am struggling financially when I’ve been doing so much spiritual work and service in my life.”

The answer was a bit shocking, “You are not being punished. It isn’t karma. Let go of this. You have been avoiding your divine purpose. You have a powerful purpose. You need to appreciate your purpose. Investigate this.”

This was just a couple of weeks ago and I have been investigating. I’ve been consulting Dorreen Virtue’s Ascended Master oracle cards. Their guidance is telling me that I am a spiritual teacher, I am a healer and writing is part of my purpose.

So here I am writing. I also do healing for friends and family and even difficult situations in the world and am making this a daily habit now.

I’ve started to offer intuitive guidance and coaching and will intensify my focus on this. I am asking Divine Mother and the ascended masters every day to guide me, show me the way to living my divine purpose.

The oracle cards say I am close and that all the paths are clear. In my mind everything is not clear, in my heart it’s becoming clearer. Divine Mother guided me to listen with my heart and not my mind.

What is your heart telling you to do? Do you feel you are living your divine purpose? If you feel you are not, I encourage you to investigate and listen to your heart.


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