Best Election Ever – Abraham Hicks

Abraham-Hicks explain why they think this is the Best Election Ever. I thought provoking perspective for anyone interested in exploring the deeper energetic layers that power our lives.

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Divine Mother Comments on the U.S. Election

I am the Divine Mother of the Universe There is something deeper than the surface and that is what you are being asked to connect with. Don't succumb to fear or become a victim. There is more going on than meets the eye. The Light within you destroys darkness. There...

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The Light Reveals What Needs to Be Healed

The more you awaken, the more your light shines. The more your light shines the more the shadows are illuminated. It's quite natural to be depressed by what you now see that was previously hidden in the shadows. It's important to remember that for something to be...

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It’s Time to Bring in the Light

It's supposed to be crap. I mean living on planet earth was intended to be crap. When we took on the soul contract of coming to earth and the mission of assisting with it's transformation, we were aware that conditions were very dense. Now we are in the full swing of...

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Have No Fear for Brexit

I am noticing a lot hysteria over the BREXIT. I'd like to remind everyone that we are in the middle of the "phase transition", that this is the time in the history of humanity when the age of darkness is transformed into the age of light. It is at this time that the...

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Conscious Life Creation with Gordana Biernat

Gordana Biernat talks about conscious life creation: how to go beyond limiting beliefs and work successfully within the framework of this reality when it comes to our work, relationships and more.

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