The rescue of the Chilean miners was probably one of the most watched news stories of all time. I believe there is a divine purpose to these events that bring together hundreds of millions of people on the planet. For me this rescue symbolized the rise of the common man. Literally we saw the ordinary working man rising out of the darkness into the light.

We saw the interests of the common man being put before corporate balance sheets. I’ve read that age we are moving into is going to be the age of the common man. This event symbolized love and compassion for our fellow man. It also symbolized the eternal struggle of the soul to escape darkness and move into the light. This for me mirrors the global awakening that is happening right now. Even while this incredible event was unfolding US forces in Pakistan were using drones to kill. The dark and light exist concurrently but the Chilean miners showed that the common man is not going to take it anymore. He is rising and the light is rising all over the planet. Yes there is mud everywhere but you can see the lotuses sprouting.

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