Divine Mother Healing and Wisdom Sessions

When the movement of life energy from Source is flowing freely through you, everything works in life. You are happy, productive, and creative. When life force is blocked, confused, or limited, life becomes difficult. Problems arise in the forms of health, finances, relationships, or other challenges, and you may feel stuck.

If there is a problem presenting on the surface of life, there is always an underlying energy blockage somewhere on a deep, subtle level.

The Divine Mother tools and techniques dissolve these blocked energies at the subtlest level of your system so that the life force can flow with its full power. They release confused, discordant energy in your system which blocks or misdirects your life force.

You become centered and connected to the infinite power that moves you successfully through your life. You can return to a condition of wellbeing centered in your deep self.

Vibrational Healing

During a session, I heal blockages in your energy. I begin by calling in many Divine Beings from the world’s spiritual traditions, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Gurus. I call upon these Divine Beings who recognize they are whole and One with everything. Their purpose is to lift us into the recognition of our unity with all life. By saying their names, I will lift and connect our vibration to their Divine Vibration.

Some of the Divine Beings I work with are; Divine Mother, Mother Laksmi, Saraswati, Durga, Kali, Parvati (Hindu); Quan Yin (Buddhist), White Buffalo Calf Woman (Native American ); Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, St. Mary Magdalene, and Brother Francis of Assisi (Christian); Archangel Michael, and Saint Germain. 

Divine Wisdom

As I said, I will conduct the session along with the Divine Beings of the universe who know they are whole and One with God. At the end of the session I may receive some Divine Wisdom from within which I will repeat to you.

You may also ask questions of Divine Mother and her Divine Being friends and I will share their answers with you.

I will ask you to use your own inner knowing to determine whether the words and answers I say are valid for you. You are the authority in your life. You determine if the information is useful to you. If it is not, just let it go If it is, embrace it, as you wish.

I do not give predictions. It takes away your self-authority and you become attached to the prediction. 

Benefits of a Divine Mother Session


Improves the vibrational flows in your subtle energy field.


Dissolves the blockages and stuck energy.


Increases the life force in your body contributing to better health.


Increased self-love and self appreciation.

My Experience


I’ve spent over four years mentoring with Connie Heubner, founder of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing. I’ve taken her advanced courses “Dialogue with Divine Mother” and “How to Heal Yourself with Divine Mother’s Tools” and “Living in Divine Grace”, a year-long training resulting in certification as a Divine Mother healing practitioner.


I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation for 37 years including spending many years in secluded ashrams in deep meditation.


I worked under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for 10 years, teaching and promoting courses for the development of higher consciousness.

Ready to sign up for a healing session? Follow these steps.

  1. Before purchasing a session please visit the Policies and Agreement page as there is important information about cancellation policies and preparing for your session.
  2. Select the session length you prefer and order your session. You will receive a welcome email from me including information about scheduling your session, pre-session questions, and an agreement form.
  3. Respond to the information requested in the welcome email.
  4. Connect with me for your session!


Client Experiences

I just want to thank you so much for the Divine Mother Healing session. It really helped me clear my etheric body from what was holding me back which ended up bringing to light aspects of myself that I needed to heal. I have used the technique of sending the negative entities to the light by saying ‘Go to the Light’ in a commanding voice and it works wonderfully. It conserves my energy because they seem to listen right away. Thank you again, I am so grateful to you and to the Divine Mother.



I really enjoyed my Divine healing session with Guy, he made me feel at ease and comfortable. Guy has a natural gift and has a very kind, loving and nurturing quality to him! The healing was very in-depth and covered many aspects so energetically shifted a lot of layers that needed to be released! Guy is a great healer and I recommend him highly as he has a pure heart and a passion to help others! 


Life Coach, United kingdom

I had a Skype session with Guy the other day that lead to a deeper sense of self-awareness, release of stress and deeper sense of relaxation and mental clarity. I felt a lot more connected with myself afterward. I slept better, relieved a lot of stress and unwanted thought patterns. As a writer, it really helped the flow of my creativity! 


Artist, Writer, Musician, California

Guy is a deeply spiritual, but also grounded and very innocent (in the sense of pure) and sincere person. I trust him. Some time ago he took me on a guided journey (mentally) which had the elements of purification, protection and divine blessings. I basically sat there deeply relaxed, very inward. I even closed my eyes (though I did not have to) and I just absorbed what he was saying – new to me – it felt alright. I let it sink into me and do its work. I practice meditation on a daily basis and it has done a lot of good things for me over the years. There are times where one wants additional support. What Guy does comes from a very pure level. I appreciated it and I appreciate Guy. S.M.

Student, Iowa

I found myself sitting with my dear friend Guy in my house just pouring my heart out over a situation that had arisen and he was just intently listening and then I began to notice a cool wave of love entering my heart and totally mitigating what I had been feeling. It was almost concrete, yet Guy had not said a word, just was streaming the technology he has learned to me wordlessly and it was VERY tangible. I wish all interactions with all people were like this. It was a gift to experience it. R.S.


Guy Harvey: Intuitive Guidance and Healing for Life's Challenges.


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