Divine Mother Healing

When the movement of life energy from Source is flowing freely through you, everything works in life. You are happy, productive, and creative. When life force is blocked, confused, or limited, life becomes difficult. Problems arise in the forms of health, finances, relationships, or other challenges, and you may feel stuck.

If there is a problem presenting on the surface of life, there is always an underlying energy blockage somewhere on a deep, subtle level.

The Divine Mother tools and techniques dissolve these blocked energies at the subtlest level of your system so that the life force can flow with it’s full power. They release confused, discordant energy in your system which blocks or misdirects your life force.

You become centered and connected to the infinite power that moves you successfully through your life. You can return to a condition of wellbeing centered in your deep self.

Benefits of a Divine Mother Healing Sessions


Improves the vibrational flows in your subtle energy field.


Dissolves the blockages and stuck energy.


Increases the life force in your body contributing to better health.


Increased self-love and self appreciation.

My Experience


I am a graduate of “Living in Divine Grace”, a year long training as a Divine Mother Healing Practioner. I will receve my certification as soon as I’ve completed the required field work.


I’ve spent over four years mentoring with Connie Heubner, founder of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing. I’ve taken her advanced courses “Dialogue with Divine Mother” and “How to Heal Yourself with Divine Mother’s Tools” and being a member of her “Ascension Program” for several years.


I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation for 37 years including spending many years in secluded ashrams in deep meditation.


I worked under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for 10 years, teaching and promoting courses for the development of higher consciousness.

Reserve a Session

To reserve a session, purchase one of the following options and I will email you to schedule a time. Sessions take place by phone, Skype, Zoom, or in person in Fairfield. Payment options are Pay Pal, Visa, or Mastercard. Contact me if you need help wth your purchase.

30 minute session - $65

60 minute session - $125

90 minute session - $175

Client Experiences

Guy is a deeply spiritual, but also grounded and very innocent (in the sense of pure) and sincere person. I trust him. Some time ago he took me on a guided journey (mentally) which had the elements of purification, protection and divine blessings. I basically sat there deeply relaxed, very inward. I even closed my eyes (though I did not have to) and I just absorbed what he was saying – new to me – it felt alright. I let it sink into me and do its work. I practice meditation on a daily basis and it has done a lot of good things for me over the years. There are times where one wants additional support. What Guy does comes from a very pure level. I appreciated it and I appreciate Guy. S.M., Iowa

I found myself sitting with my dear friend Guy in my house just pouring my heart out over a situation that had arisen and he was just intently listening and then I began to notice a cool wave of love entering my heart and totally mitigating what I had been feeling. It was almost concrete, yet Guy had not said a word, just was streaming the technology he has learned to me wordlessly and it was VERY tangible. I wish all interactions with all people were like this. It was a gift to experience it.

R.S., Iowa

Guy Harvey: Intuitive Guide and Divine Mother Healer.


© 2018 Guy Harvey

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