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Special Soul Family Chat with Tasha Nassar and Melissa Infinity – FREE EVENT

Sunday May 7th, 5PM Los Angeles, 8 PM New York, 10 AM Melbourne (May 8th in Australia)

Tasha Nassar is an alchemist, an adjuster, a vessel. True to her name, she is a clear channel for the birth of Higher Consciousness. Where she touches, is healed. Her transformative power is a testimony to the unconditional love she offers clients.  Holding space for the Divine in you to rise to the surface, she shows you that you are already perfect, whole and complete.Therefore, what she heals is one’s idea of themself.

Melissa Infinity is a psychic intuitive counsel helping people across the globe. Her awakening journey began at a very young age and her guidance is founded on empowering and enlightening others in their own Sovereignty. She works very closely with Mary Magdalene and other Goddesses of the Sophia Code. She is Honored to be on Earth at such a sacred time in galactic history.

To receive an invitation to event this email please email me (blisswithguy AT

Weekly Soul Family Sacred Circle and Group Energy Healing

Live Zoom Conference - Every Sunday, 9 AM Los Angeles, 11 AM Chicago, Noon New York, 6 PM Paris

The intention of the circle is to come together and create love, healing, and awakening for ourselves and the world. Each meeting begins with a 20 minute guided meditation and healing and is followed by a sacred circle chat.

If you'd like to join the circle, please send me an email or contact me by Direct Message on Twitter.


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