I have received the guidance that “everything is always working out for the good for me” from several sources over the years and to “have trust and faith” that it is indeed going to work out for me.

Here is how I understand this guidance. The whole universe is created in waves of creation and destruction. Our human lives are part of that universal expression. Spiritual teacher Matt Kahn refers to it as the “erosion” and “renewal” phases of life. We can see this structure most clearly in nature, in the changing seasons. Everything dies during the fall and winter, only to be reborn in the spring and summer. When the leaves fall off the trees we don’t think that we will never see the leaves again.

As we awaken in consciousness we begin to live our lives with the same kind of knowingness we have when observing the cycles of nature. We accept that nothing is permanent and that loss and change is a natural part of lives. If an aspect of our life is falling apart, we know it is part of the cycle life and that a more creative cycle will follow, in which our lives will flourish.

Even in an extreme situation where a person is ill or dying, it’s still working out for the good in the grand cosmic scheme of things. Spiritual progress is being made, even if it’s beyond our conscious awareness. In some cases, It may be time for the soul to die in this body and continue its journey in the non-physical.

If you are going through a difficult time, remember it’s all part of your spiritual journey and it’s all working out for the good. During difficult times it’s always helpful to rededicate yourself to your spiritual and well-being practices such as meditation, prayer, yoga, exercise. This will help keep you in the present moment and there is no suffering in the present moment.

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