This is a wisdom message I received from Archangel Michael.

“I am Archangel Michael. Addictions are the souls way of telling you that you need to go deeper into the self. You need to discover who you really are rather than hiding from the pain. Addictions are gift because the only way out is go deeper into connection with the divine and deeper into loving yourself.

People who are addicted are often highly attuned sensitive souls and they use addictions to hide the harshness of what they are experiencing on earth. I say to them, call on me, call on Divine Mother, Jesus and the other ascended masters and ask, what can I learn from this addiction, what is my higher myself wanting me to know, what part of me am I not loving, appreciating and accepting.

Addiction is a path to enlightenment. If you can find the truth behind what is driving the addiction, you can lift the veil of ignorance from your whole life. Stop thinking of your addiction as a curse and see it as a blessing and ask me to show you the truth of who you really are. I love you.”

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