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Your Divine Guides Want to Talk to You

Are you going through a difficult life challenge or transition such as a divorce or relationship break up, a career change or job loss, a business challenge, financial loss, family difficulties, physical or mental health challenges?

You are not alone, everyone will go through some of these challenges at some point in their life and it’s quite normal to be overwhelmed, confused, stuck, or not know how to move forward with your life.

The good news is that these life challenges can be incredibly transformational in terms of personal and spiritual growth. We all have Divine Guides that are with us all the time and during difficult times they are especially active in communicating with us in order to help us move forward and get to a place of deeper peace and alignment with your true selves.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to hear clearly what messages, wisdom, and guidance our Divine Guides have for us. As an Intuitive Guide , I bridge the gap between your guides and you. I connect with your guides, including Divine Mother and other well known Ascended Masters and convey to you the guidance they have for you.

What to Expect During an Intuitive Guidance Session

I begin by calling in many Divine Beings from the world’s spiritual traditions, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Gurus. I call upon these Divine Beings who recognize they are whole and One with everything. Their purpose is to lift us into the recognition of our unity with all life. By saying their names, I will lift and connect our vibration to their Divine Vibration.

After I have invited in the Divine Beings I will do a short Vibrational Energy Healing. This will clear any discordant energy that may prevent the guides from communicating with you clearly.

Following the clearing, I will invite Divine Mother and other Ascended Masters to share their wisdom about the situation you’ve inquired about. I will share their wisdom with you in real time. The Guides will also ask you if you have additional questions or need clarification on the wisdom that is been shared.

Note, I do not give predictions through the Guides. It takes away your self-authority and you become attached to the prediction.

Sessions by Email, Phone, or Video Conference

Sessions are available in a variety of formats in order to able to serve you regardless of your location, time zone, or budget. Intuitive Guidance by email is the least expensive option starting at $35. It’s as simple as emailing me your question and receiving your answer within 48 hours. Phone/Skype/Zoom interactive sessions are available in 45 and 90 minute sessions. One of the advantages of the longer sessions is that we can spend more time doing Vibrational Healing.

Benefits of an Intuitive Guidance Session


Increased clarity and confidence.


Broader long-term perspective on life.


Shifting and removing stuck energy.


Increased self-love and self appreciation.


Increased peace and acceptance.

My Experience


I am a graduate of the Dialogue with Divine Mother Course where I learned to dialogue with Divine Mother and various Ascended Masters.


I am a Certified Divine Mother Healing Practitioner and have taken hundreds of hours of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing classes with my mentor Connie Heubner.


I’ve given Divine Mother Intuitive Guidance and Healing sessions to clients in USA, Canada, and Europe.


I will have completed my Certified Quantum Life Coach in 2018.


I’ve taken extensive self-development training including Peak Potential’s Warrior Camp, Wizard Camp, and Life Directions; and Mind Kind Project New Warrior Training.


I have over 35 years of experience in spiritual development including over 30,000 hours of practicing Transcendental Meditation and 10 years working under the direction of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


I have had many losses in my life including losing three family members, getting divorced, and financial loss. Extensive experience with coaching and healing services has helped me recover from these losses.

Ready to sign up for a guidance session? Follow these steps.

  1. Before purchasing a session please visit the Policies and Agreement page as there is important information about cancellation policies and preparing for your session.
  2. Select the session length you prefer and order your session. You will receive a welcome email from me including information about scheduling your session, pre-session questions, and an agreement form.
  3. Respond to the information requested in the welcome email.
  4. Connect with me for your session!

90 Minutes Session

  • Vibrational Healing.
  • Wisdom from Divine Mother
  • Q and A with Divine Mother and Ascended Masters.
  • Choice of Zoom, Skype or phone.
  • Recording available with Zoom.

Client Experiences

Guy Harvey has a gift for helping people rebalance their lives.

His work was very helpful to me in adding perspective, thinking things through, making some decisions I had previously felt unclear about, and sharpening my focus in moving forward despite obstacles.

Luck had it that I was able to try out Guys work at the outset of the hardest work project I have ever tackled in this lifetime, and a strong foundation for surviving this work was laid out at that time.

I felt what he offered was genuine, accurate, to the point, and very much from the heart.

There was a great deal of kindness in his approach, a softness that made me feel safe to openly express my concerns, such that all of the aspects that needed to be looked at could come forth.

I have many times recommended Guys work to friends and associates, and I highly recommend him to you. It may just be the “game changer” that you are looking for.


Activist, Iowa

I had the absolute fortune of receiving a healing session with Guy and it was enchanting!

 I reached out to Guy during a time of personal fear and from the off-set, we built a rapport and I put myself completely in his hands.  The session that followed including not only healing but positive energy that continues to crop up in my mind weeks later and helps to allay the fear that rises once again.  Guy was comforting and personable and explained every part of the session as we went along.  At different points of the session, I could just feel the energy coming from him which left me feeling really calm and able to just lock into some of my own energy, without fully realizing at the time that I had!

 It was also interesting just to hear and receive guidance/energy from new ports that I wouldn’t have thought of and Guy opened me up to that realization that guidance comes from all over, all the time. I was able to re-connect with some elements whilst discovering new ones and wanting to learn more.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Guy to friends/family and would definitely turn to him again for healing and guidance.  Thank you!


London, UK

Guy has a very gentle and soothing energy and provided such a feeling of safety and compassion, only a few minutes into the session. Within this space, I was truly allowed to openly share just what challenges and worries I have been working through, and he listened impartially and then guided me into seeing these ego-based fears from the seat of the soul. There was such a lifting and relieving shift made once he shared tools to help soften with compassion and patience rather than contract into self-criticism. Prior to the session I had a list of things I was nervous to make sure I touched on during my time, but thankfully Guy guided the session in such an intuitively flowy way, that I felt my heart’s questions were gently and naturally explored and answered as he channeled, and then offered his own insight afterwards. It was absolutely such a wonderful and heartwarming experience, I am so pleased and humbled! I would recommend this to anyone, he really offers and assists you in this soft place of healing. It’s so nice to be allowed to be soft. Thank you Guy for your incredible presence alone, and thank you for your amazing love healing work. Alexandria

Photographer, North Carolina

Guy is a gift from God. His wisdom and tenderness left me feeling truly seen and heard for the first time in many years. The guidance he channeled from the Divine Mother gave me the peace and clarity I needed to move forward with confidence. I have worked with the Blessed Virgin Mary for years, and when he invoked her for heart chakra feeling her energy signature was strong and authentic. It was a quantum leap in healing for me and I am deeply grateful. Do yourself a favor and invest in his sessions. I am certain he will take excellent care of you. Catherine

Astrologer and Intuitive, North Carolina

After my session with Guy, I was at such a level of peace from the meditation tools. His energy helped guide me to clarity that lasted for days and I have continued to receive more intuitive messages and guidance since that day. Thank you for an amazing session. My anxiety that I didn’t even know I had in relation to Divine Mother was lifted and I have been able to fall effortlessly into DIVINE mother’s love. Thank you so very much for holding space and for all you do Guy. Toyisha

Massage Therapist, Florida

Two minutes into my experience with Guy, I knew the answers to the next steps I needed to take in life were being presented through our conversation. Everything in life has its purpose and this guidance session was just a stepping stone. Thank you, Guy for making something special out of your gift.


Entrepreneur, Utah

I just want to thank you so much for the Divine Mother Healing session. It really helped me clear my etheric body from what was holding me back which ended up bringing to light aspects of myself that I needed to heal. I have used the technique of sending the negative entities to the light by saying ‘Go to the Light’ in a commanding voice and it works wonderfully. It conserves my energy because they seem to listen right away. Thank you again, I am so grateful to you and to the Divine Mother. Maryam


Guidance with Guy is amazing. I gained so much clarity and assurance from my Divine Mother. God bless. Phoebe

Master Herbalist and Business owner, Texas

I really enjoyed my Divine healing session with Guy, he made me feel at ease and comfortable. Guy has a natural gift and has a very kind, loving and nurturing quality to him! The healing was very in-depth and covered many aspects so energetically shifted a lot of layers that needed to be released! Guy is a great healer and I recommend him highly as he has a pure heart and a passion to help others! 


Life Coach, United kingdom

I had a Skype session with Guy the other day that lead to a deeper sense of self-awareness, release of stress and deeper sense of relaxation and mental clarity. I felt a lot more connected with myself afterward. I slept better, relieved a lot of stress and unwanted thought patterns. As a writer, it really helped the flow of my creativity! 


Artist, Writer, Musician, California

I  had a reading with Guy. I was drawn to him because I knew he had an important message I required to hear. I did receive that message, a healing and more. Guy is very intuitive and was spot on. I do recommend Guy for readings. Nancee Tink Johnson

Retired, Oregon

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