1280px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svgI am noticing a lot hysteria over the BREXIT. I’d like to remind everyone that we are in the middle of the “phase transition”, that this is the time in the history of humanity when the age of darkness is transformed into the age of light.

It is at this time that the celestial fire is purifying everything on planet earth. We are transforming from a ego based civilization to a heart based civilization.

As each day goes by the light frequencies are increasing. We are being purified as individuals and also all our institutions are being purified. And you may have noticed that many of our institutions are controlled by greed and power. These institutions are more likely to collapse than be reformed from within or at least be so radically reformed they will hardly resemble what they used to be.

I am not all seeing and therefore do not know if the BREXIT is a good or bad thing. Neither do any of you and the fact that it was almost 50/50 would indicate that the choice wasn’t obvious either. The righteous declaration for either position is coming from ego.

We have bodies and live in this world so at times we are required to act, to vote, to participate, to make the best decisions possible based on what we believe. I suggest you do this and then let go and trust that what is happening in the world will work out.

There will many twist and turns as the old system collapses. I’d advise you not to get too attached to any particular twist or turn. Much of what we are attached to and which we hold onto as a comfort blanket may disappear in the coming years. It could be the EU, or the US dollar, or the United States. We really don’t know where it’s all going. I am confident it’s going in a positive evolutionary direction.

I’ve spent the last 10 years studying spiritual teachings from all around the globe and everyone is in agreement that there is more light on the planet than ever before and that we are in a better place than ever before.

A couple of years ago I watched a 9 hour documentary on the Second World War. What we are living now is better than that and it will get better. Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, leader of the Transcendental Mediation movement spoke to this in Fairfield a couple of years ago where he strongly affirmed that world is better place than just a few decades ago.

One of my favorite quotes is from a Bob Marly song “Have no fear for atomic energy,’Cause none of them can stop the time.” Bob is referring to the second coming of Christ as “the time”. I translate that as the coming of the age of light. I say the BREXIT, Donald Trump. Global Warming, none of it can stop the Sat Yuga coming.

It doesn’t mean we don’t have to act and take responsibility. It does mean that we need to continue to meditate, to do healings and send love to everyone and everything. It does mean that we need to get out of our egos on all these issues and accept that we may not know everything and that we aren’t always right.

I thank everyone of you for everything you are doing to bring light on to this planet, whether it’s meditating, doing healings, social activism, charitable service or just caring for another human being. I know many of you have devoted your lives to this.

Just do your best and let go.

Finally I encourage everyone to read this Beautiful Description of the Coming Age from Peter Konstantinov Deunov (aka Beinsa Douno). Some days before his departure from this planet in December 1944, he is said to have been in a profound trance and made this extraordinary prophecy.

Beautiful Description Of the Coming Age


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