Energy Healing and Divine Wisdom

 Energy Healing to Remove Blocked, Stuck, and Limiting Energetic Patterns

I work with your Divine Guides to clear energy in your subtle energy system that is limiting your full potential. Every issue in life has a corresponding structure in your multi-dimension energetic system. I work with other 25 different vibrational tools to remove and clear your limiting energetic patterns. Examples of these tools are Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Truth, Releasing Agreements, and Cutting Cords.

I will also bring timely guidance from your Divine Guides as needed. If you are facing a challenge in areas of relationship, family and home, business and finance, workplace, or spirituality and awakening, it’s a good time to book a private guidance session.

What Happens During a Session

During a private session,  I begin by calling in many Divine Beings from the world’s spiritual traditions, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Gurus. By saying their names, I lift and connect your vibration to their Divine Vibration.

Working with the Divine beings I conduct a vibrational energy healing. This removes blocked and stuck energy in your subtle field and creates a deeper connection with your Divine Guides so you can receive clear guidance and wisdom. 

Once the energy healing is complete I invite Divine Mother and her Divine friends to provide guidance and wisdom for you. You can ask for general wisdom or you can ask specific questions about your situation

Note, I do not give predictions through the Guides. It takes away your self-authority and you become attached to the prediction. For example, the Guides may give you guidance and how to manifest true love in your life but they will not say that you will meet such and such a person at a certain time.

Session Options

Sessions are available by Zoom video conference, or phone, and are 1/2 hour, 1 hour or 2 hours in length. I offer a variety of time options through my self-booking system that includes both daytime, evening and weekend hours for North America. I can usually work with all time zones worldwide. Recordings of sessions are available if you so choose.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and safety is my highest concern. All sessions are confidential. Sessions are only recorded if you request it and I delete my copy.


Benefits of an Energy Healing and Divine Wisdom Session


Feeling lighter. Lifting of the dark clouds.


Feeling more optimistic and positive.


Increased feeling of peace and well-being.


Increased self-love and self-appreciation and love for others.


Clarity about how to move forward and take positive action.

My Experience


I am a Certifed Divine Mother Healing Practioneer successfully helping clients in USA, Canada, and Europe.


I am a graduate of the Dialogue with Divine Mother Course where I received training in receiving guidance from Divine Mother and other Ascended Masters.


I’ve spent the last five years working with the Divine Mother healing energy using her vibrational healing tools on a daily basis and receiving wisdom from her and other Ascended Masters.


I’ve spent the last 35 years of my life devoted to developing higher consciousness, including over 40,000 hours of meditation practice and participation in some of the world’s largest group meditations. I lived as a recluse meditator in remote ashrams for several years and worked under the direction of Indian sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

How to Book a Session

  1. Before purchasing a session visit the Policies and Agreement page which includes cancellation policies.
  2. Select one of the options below and click on the Book Now button. This will take you through the steps of scheduling. I will send you a PayPal invoice once you have booked. Your session isn’t confirmed until I have received payment.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email including information about preparing for your session and how to connect with Zoom or phone.
  4. Connect to your session at the scheduled time.
  5. If you have a question about booking, contact me.

Client Experiences

After my session with Guy, I was at such a level of peace from the meditation tools. His energy helped guide me to clarity that lasted for days and I have continued to receive more intuitive messages and guidance since that day. Thank you for an amazing session. My anxiety that I didn't even know I had in relation to Divine Mother was lifted and I have been able to fall effortlessly into DIVINE mother's love. Thank you so very much for holding space and for all you do Guy.


Massage Therapist, Florida

I  had a healing and wisdom session with Guy. I was drawn to him because I knew he had an important message I required to hear. I did receive that message, a healing and more. Guy is very intuitive and was spot on. I do recommend Guy for healing and guidance sessions.

Nancee Tink Johnson

Retired, Oregon

Guy Harvey has a gift for helping people rebalance their lives.

His work was very helpful to me in adding perspective, thinking things through, making some decisions I had previously felt unclear about, and sharpening my focus in moving forward despite obstacles.

Luck had it that I was able to try out Guys work at the outset of the hardest work project I have ever tackled in this lifetime, and a strong foundation for surviving this work was laid out at that time.

I felt what he offered was genuine, accurate, to the point, and very much from the heart.

There was a great deal of kindness in his approach, a softness that made me feel safe to openly express my concerns, such that all of the aspects that needed to be looked at could come forth.

I have many times recommended Guys work to friends and associates, and I highly recommend him to you. It may just be the "game changer" that you are looking for.


Activist, Iowa

Guy is a gift from God. His wisdom and tenderness left me feeling truly seen and heard for the first time in many years. The guidance he channeled from the Divine Mother gave me the peace and clarity I needed to move forward with confidence. I have worked with the Blessed Virgin Mary for years, and when he invoked her for heart chakra feeling her energy signature was strong and authentic. It was a quantum leap in healing for me and I am deeply grateful. Do yourself a favor and invest in his sessions. I am certain he will take excellent care of you.


Astrologer and Intuitive, North Carolina

I had a Skype session with Guy the other day that lead to a deeper sense of self-awareness, release of stress and deeper sense of relaxation and mental clarity. I felt a lot more connected with myself afterward. I slept better, relieved a lot of stress and unwanted thought patterns. As a writer, it really helped the flow of my creativity! 


Artist, Writer, Musician, California

I just want to thank you so much for the Divine Mother Healing session. It really helped me clear my etheric body from what was holding me back which ended up bringing to light aspects of myself that I needed to heal. I have used the technique of sending the negative entities to the light by saying ‘Go to the Light’ in a commanding voice and it works wonderfully. It conserves my energy because they seem to listen right away. Thank you again, I am so grateful to you and to the Divine Mother.



Thank you Guy, for your honesty and gentleness everytime we meet again. Thank you for your warmth and love, for reminding me why the most powerful magic in this world is and can only ever be Love. Nothing ever surpasses the love we hold inside, the love we share and the love we return back to again and again. Grateful for your service always.


Photographer, North Carolina

I had the absolute fortune of receiving a healing session with Guy and it was enchanting!

I reached out to Guy during a time of personal fear and from the off-set, we built a rapport and I put myself completely in his hands.  The session that followed including not only healing but positive energy that continues to crop up in my mind weeks later and helps to allay the fear that rises once again.  Guy was comforting and personable and explained every part of the session as we went along.  At different points of the session, I could just feel the energy coming from him which left me feeling really calm and able to just lock into some of my own energy, without fully realizing at the time that I had!

 It was also interesting just to hear and receive guidance/energy from new ports that I wouldn’t have thought of and Guy opened me up to that realization that guidance comes from all over, all the time. I was able to re-connect with some elements whilst discovering new ones and wanting to learn more.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Guy to friends/family and would definitely turn to him again for healing and guidance.  Thank you!


London, UK

I really enjoyed my Divine healing session with Guy, he made me feel at ease and comfortable. Guy has a natural gift and has a very kind, loving and nurturing quality to him! The healing was very in-depth and covered many aspects so energetically shifted a lot of layers that needed to be released! Guy is a great healer and I recommend him highly as he has a pure heart and a passion to help others! 


Life Coach, United kingdom

I found myself sitting with my dear friend Guy in my house just pouring my heart out over a situation that had arisen and he was just intently listening and then I began to notice a cool wave of love entering my heart and totally mitigating what I had been feeling. It was almost concrete, yet Guy had not said a word, just was streaming the technology he has learned to me wordlessly and it was VERY tangible. I wish all interactions with all people were like this. It was a gift to experience it.



Guy is a deeply spiritual, but also grounded and very innocent (in the sense of pure) and sincere person. I trust him. Some time ago he took me on a guided journey (mentally) which had the elements of purification, protection and divine blessings. I basically sat there deeply relaxed, very inward. I even closed my eyes (though I did not have to) and I just absorbed what he was saying – new to me – it felt alright. I let it sink into me and do its work. I practice meditation on a daily basis and it has done a lot of good things for me over the years. There are times where one wants additional support. What Guy does comes from a very pure level. I appreciated it and I appreciate Guy.


Student, Iowa

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