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You are Worthy and Deserving of Love Now

I came to a realization recently there is no amount of self-improvement or fixing myself, that would allow my mind to agree that I am worthy and deserving of love. My mind loves to put me down, no matter what I do. I realized that this was an unwinnable game. If I...

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The Gift of Addictions – A Path to Higher Awareness

This is a wisdom message I received from Archangel Michael. "I am Archangel Michael. Addictions are the souls way of telling you that you need to go deeper into the self. You need to discover who you really are rather than hiding from the pain. Addictions are gift...

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The Rejuvenating Power of Nature

I am really enjoying the healing power of nature these days. I went to the lake at Keosauqua, Iowa on Sunday, a state park 30 minutes from my home. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and high 70s temperatures. My friend and I kayaked on the lake for a few...

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Mirabai Devi Light Transmission

I had the wonderful opportunity to host a workshop with Mirabai in 2015. Here is a taste of her powerful healing abilities. Just watch the video and enjoy! "Mirabai Devi and The Mirabai Devi Foundation would like to extend this special gift of a Light Transmission....

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Has Anyone Told You?

Has anyone told you recently how beautiful and magnificent you are? If not I recommend you watch this beautiful video which tells you real truth about who you are.

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Sex and Spirituality

I am very interested in the top of sex and spirituality and in the concept of sacred sexuality. It's long being ignored or oppressed by religion and pushed aside in spiritual organizations. I have spent 35 years associated with a major spiritual movement that barely...

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