It’s the Holy Days. Hanukkah has just passed and the Winter Solstice was on Friday and now Christmas is here. These days are filled with light. The masters are showering light on the planet in ever-increasing intensity. At times, this light will purge the deepest darkness within us and we have to experience the old patterns and traumas exiting our system.

If this is happening to you, know that it will pass and that you are making quantum leaps in your evolution. It’s also important not to identify with the thoughts during these times. They are not the real you. The truth is that you are not a terrible person, or unworthy, or shameful, you are a Divine Being without limitation living the human experience to the absolute best of your ability. You are loved and cherished and watched over by the Masters at all times. Below are some recent messages I received from the Masters. I refer to them as the Christ Guides. It’s the collective vibration of Divine Mother, Mother Mary, St. Margy Magdalene, St. Francis, and Archangel Michael.

Messages from the Christ Guides

We want you to really enjoy yourself this holiday. Take time to do everything that you love to do. We give your permission to really take care of you. Give yourself the gift of you. We want you to love and care for yourself more than ever before.

We put the Christmas lights there for you to remind you of the light of the Christ Consciousness. Look at them and feel our light radiating in you. 

There is more light on the planet right now than ever before in history. You are the first receivers of this light. It is through you that Heaven on Earth is created. 

The Christed light is intensifying across the planet right now. It’s for you our beloveds, absorb it, drink it in, merge with it. You are the new Christs, the second coming. 

We want you to know that we love you. We guide you. We watch over you. We listen to your prayers and requests and answer them. And when you don’t hear us the first time we keep repeating. We never give up on you.

We have waited for a long time for this time. The time when you are the embodiment of us. Now you walk the earth as we did and you bless everything in your path. Just walk this earth and it shall be done.

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