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Where There is Life There is Hope

Winston Churchill said never, never, never give up. Chelsea Football Club reached the UEFA European Champions League Final in 2012 - this is the most prestigious championship in world club soccer. For eight seasons Chelsea had attempted to win this trophy. They lost...

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Icelandic Mountain Biking

In a previous post I shared Helga Kvam's beautiful photography of Iceland. Recently Helga shared with me a video of her brother's mountain biking tours in Iceland. It's a beautiful video and makes me want to get on a plane to Iceland. Enjoy! [vimeo...

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Chilean Miners – The Rise of the Common Man

The rescue of the Chilean miners was probably one of the most watched news stories of all time. I believe there is a divine purpose to these events that bring together hundreds of millions of people on the planet. For me this rescue symbolized the rise of the common...

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