It’s supposed to be crap. I mean living on planet earth was intended to be crap. When we took on the soul contract of coming to earth and the mission of assisting with it’s transformation, we were aware that conditions were very dense. Now we are in the full swing of our lives most of us have forgotten what our soul contract was so we look around and enjoy pointing out all the suffering and misery on this planet. It’s like parachuting into a war zone and then complaining that you are being shot at.

In order to be at peace we need to observe and act on our mission, whatever that may be. Over indulging in pointing out that the world is going to hell in a hand basket is taking ourselves off our mission. We need to be solution orientated and none of us are responsible for fixing the whole thing. Your mission might be just to take care of one person or restore one piece of land. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said just pick something great and do it. Teal Scott talks about moving to the solution phase once you have identified a problem otherwise you get drawn into the frequency of the problem.

We can work on solutions from different energetic levels. On the physical plane we take action. On the subtle level we can pour light into a situation through meditation or through direct intention. We are powerful light beings and our ability to transform through intention is getting more powerful. It’s time to bring in the light.

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