I am reminded in recent days of the value of not looking back and reminiscing on how things might have been.

One of the seemingly sillier things I did in my life was sell my really nice Suburu Outback when I was out of money and out of work a few years ago. Looking back it wasn’t the best of decisions. The $8,000 I got from the sale got me through a few months and then was out of a car and out money.

If I had kept the car I could have continued to do part time airport driving, which I enjoyed and brought in much needed cash.

However “silly” this decision of mine looks I am not going to beat myself up over it or call myself stupid or any of that. Faced with a similar choice in the future, I’d make a different decision. I learned from the experience and then let it go

Letting it go, frees us up to create in the present moment. Instead of regretting the sale of the car I can put my energy into visioning a beautiful new car that will come into my life.

I think a lot of regret over the past is that we think we’ll never have that experience again. The truth is the sooner we let it go, the more creative energy we have to create anew.

If you are having trouble letting go of the past I suggest seeking out a healer or therapist. Also forgiveness techniques like the Hooponopono prayer are very helpful – http://howdoyoupray.com/hooponopono/


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