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Be Grateful for this Day

Beautiful reminder that there is only this present moment and to be in gratitude for the gift of this day.

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The Power of Appreciation

At times I am overcome by fear and anxiety about what is going to happen next in my life. I am aware enough to know that this is just the ego mind and these thoughts are not my reality and I need to shift my thoughts and frequency to being in the present moment. When...

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My Daily Energy Ritual

Starting the day with the right energy and frequency is very important. I am big a believer in doing meditation, yoga, and exercising in the morning. Even with all of that, sometimes my mood and thoughts can be dominated by fear or anxiety.To help counteract this, I...

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The Power of Nature

A walk in the woods will lift your spirits no end. Or a walk by the beach, or in the park. Take time to enjoy nature's gift today. Photograph from Lamson Woods in Fairfield, Iowa.

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The Power of Faith and Trust

In the last couple of years I've been spending a lot of time in classes with Connie Heubner of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing. Connie faciliates a direct connection with Divine Mother, the femine aspect of Mother Father God. During Connie's classes we hear...

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