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Are You Avoiding Your Divine Purpose?

I can't remember exactly when it started, the yearning to live my divine purpose fully in this life time. The feeling has been getting stronger, month by month, year by year. I've read many New Age articles that talk about how the rising frequencies on earth are...

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Listen to Your Intuitive Voice

We've all had that experience where we have a thought to do something that doesn't seem that important but because of that choice we experience a serendipitous event. The other day I was driving home from a client meeting. Without thinking I headed back on the western...

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Letting Go of Past Mistakes

I am reminded in recent days of the value of not looking back and reminiscing on how things might have been. One of the seemingly sillier things I did in my life was sell my really nice Suburu Outback when I was out of money and out of work a few years ago. Looking...

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The Power of Giving

I was having a crap day yesterday. I was feeling frustrated about some issues, which I won't go into now. While surfing Facebook I saw a post from a friend about raising funds for a project in Africa. The project involves teaching Transcendental Meditation (TM) to...

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My Internet Diet

I tend to get a bit OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) with my use of the Internet and find myself spending too much time on recreational surfing, especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. From time to time, I go on an Internet diet to break the...

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