We’ve all had that experience where we have a thought to do something that doesn’t seem that important but because of that choice we experience a serendipitous event.

The other day I was driving home from a client meeting. Without thinking I headed back on the western route through town. As I passed the university the thought came to me that I prefer the eastern route through town.

Even though it was a little out of my way I cut through campus to get on to the eastern route. I passed by the university swimming pool and saw my 14 year old son standing there talking to the life guard.

I was reminded that he was leaving for a week’s trip the next morning. And even though I’d seen him the night before I  wanted to see him again before he left.

I parked my car and went to chat with son. I had a nice chat with him and left happy and fulfilled.

This was a pleasant reminder to listen to my intuitive voice even if it’s not obvious why it’s telling me to do something.

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