I am really impressed with Marianne Williamson these days in the way she is speaking out for social justice. It certainly annoys some of her followers but she is fearless and speaks the truth as she sees it. She is even thinking of running for President. I will campaign for her if she does.

Here is her recent Facebook post on prisons:

During the 1970’s, there were about 300,000 incarcerated Americans. Today, there are 2.4 million in prison here — giving us the highest incarceration rate in the world. 500,000 are non-violent drug offenders.
Building prisons is one of our largest urban industries. An African-American male has a one in three lifetime probability of incarceration; a Latino male, one in six; a Caucasian male, oneĀ in seventeen. We spend more money on imprisoning people in the United States than on educating them. And all of this can be turned around, because a collective awakening of conscience is a force of nature. Darkness remains darkness only when the light is not shining on it. Once the light of our awareness is cast on any darkness, then it cannot hide…and it cannot remain. Such is the law of consciousness.

Check out her Facebook page for more courageous social commentary. We need more of this!

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