Mastermind Tip

When you are writing down your weekly intentions and goals, make one a “mission stretch”. That is, make a goal to take an action that will further you in your mission.

It could be doing something outside of your comfort zone or doing something that you have been procrastinating about for a while. What’s important is that this action will take you closer to a goal that is very meaningful for you.

Next step is to make an absolute commitment to get this done within the next week. Ask your mastermind group or a friend to hold you accountable i.e you will report back them in a week’s time to let them know whether you have done the task.

Why do this?

It gets you out of the routine plodding along with your business and your life. It makes you reach for something greater, something that might be on the other side of your fear zone.

What bold action are you going to take in the next week?


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