laptopI tend to get a bit OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) with my use of the Internet and find myself spending too much time on recreational surfing, especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

From time to time, I go on an Internet diet to break the habit. For me this means not bringing my laptop into the home. I just do all my Internet work outside of the home, in cafes, or the library. When the new Co-Lab work space opens up in my town I will work there.

I just leave my lap top or the power cord in my car at the end of the work day. This gives me Internet free evenings and Internet free mornings. In the evenings I get to read more, socialize, and go to bed earlier. In the morning I get to exercise and meditate before starting my day. If I have work to do at night, I will go out to a cafe and work from there.

This cuts out about 80% of my recreational use of the Interweb. I have to be focused on what’s important to get done on the computer during the hours I am out of my home.

There are some downsides or sacrifices. For example I sometimes like to watch or listen to Youtube videos while I clean up my room. If see a really good video that I want to watch, I save them and then make time to watch only the really important ones.

Of course it’s easy to sneak into my car and get my laptop but it’s a conscious decision and it gives me time to think about whether I really want to do it.

Also I just make a commitment to do it for a short period of time to break the habit and give myself back the memory of computer free evenings and mornings. This time I am committed for 10 days and I have asked my mastermind support team to hold me accountable.

If you work at home this is a little harder to do. I suggest you make a commitment for example to not use your computer after dinner. Shut down the computer before dinner. You can put away the power cord to make it more of an effort to get going again. Ask a family member or friends to support you in this commitment.

Imagine what you could do with just one hour more of time a day, for example, exercise, read a great novel, clean your house, volunteer, write. Give it a try. I went one year without Internet in the home and I read many great books that year.

Do you feel that you are spending too much time on the Internet? What strategies have you used? Share your comments below.

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