My first memory of David Bowie is listening to the song Changes in my dad’s Rover. I was maybe 13. My brother was 4 years older than me and was allowed to drive the Rover. I just remember the Hunky Dory¬†cassette just stayed in the player and we played it over and over as we cruised in rock and roll bliss. I was totally hooked.

In 1983 I was a student in Quebec City. I heard Bowie was coming to down. There was a huge buzz. People camped out over night to get tickets. I wasn’t one of them. I just sat at home and dialed the ticket line the second the lines opened. I had a phone with a redial button, not everyone had them in those days. I just kept hitting that button over and over and then after about 15 minutes my call was answered. They asked me how many tickets I wanted. “How many can I have”. Answer “six”. So I took six, fifth row in the Quebec Coliseum. I called my friend Lori who was total Bowie fanatic and she was screaming when she heard the news. I was in Lori’s good books for quite a while!

Anyway the concert was just fantastic. We were only about 20 feet from the stage in a 15,000 crowd. David would come down to the front sometimes and connect with the audience. Every song would be cheered on the first few words. The most beautiful moment was when David left the stage and then walked back on holding an acoustic guitar high on his shoulder, then he strummed the first few bars of Space Oddity and then the words came….Ground control to Major Tom. The crowd had a freaking orgasm.

The other fantastic moment for me was Ashes to Ashes, my favorite pop song of all time. The attached video is from the same tour in Vancouver.  Thanks David for putting a 22 year old kid into rock and roll heaven that night.


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