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Thank you for your interest in a Guidance and Energy Healing private session. To ensure you have a wonderful experience please read the following below, before paying for your session: Cancellations Policies, Disclaimer, Client Agreement, and Preparing for your Guidance and Healing Session.

If you have any questions please reach out to me so I can make booking a session as easy as possible for you. Contact me.

Cancellation Policies

1. If you need to reschedule a session, please email at least 24 hours before the session starts. You can also self-reschedule following the reschedule button in your appointment confirmation email. Cancellations less than 24 hours before a session will not be refunded.

2. If you show up late for an appointment the session will be considered canceled under these circumstances: 10 minutes late for a 30-minute session, 20 minutes late for a 60-minute session, and 30 minutes late for a 2-hour session. If you haven’t connected with me after 10 minutes of the start time, I will try to connect with you. I cannot extend sessions for late shows as it may run into my next session.

3. I do not offer refunds under any circumstances except for serious compassionate situations e.g. sudden illness or bereavement.


I, Guy Harvey assist people to clear their minds, hearts, and bodies energy flow, which often releases innate healing ability. I also receive knowledge from within myself which comes from my personal connection to what I believe is God. I offer these services in the hope that they might enhance and help others with their life’s journey and challenges.

I am not a medical doctor, attorney, psychiatrist, therapist, or other licensed health professional. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease or give psychological treatment. I recommend that clients see a qualified physician for their medical problems. If you have emotional or mental problems, you should seek the help of an appropriate licensed medical professional.

My Guidance and Energy Healing work is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological condition. Any advice or guidance giving is not a substitute for professional health, business, financial, legal, or psychological consultations.

My work is spiritually based. I believe all healing is based on a connection with Divine energy. I take no legal responsibility for the effectiveness of results or benefits of these sessions, nor do I make any promises, warranties or guarantees about the results of my Guidance and Energy Healing work, or the Divine guidance that I received and relay to people. My Guidance and Energy Healing sessions help many people, but like any modality, they may not work for everyone and individual results will vary.

Client Agreement

By booking a Guidance and Energy Healing session with Guy Harvey I acknowledge that I have read and understood this disclaimer.

Preparation for Your Guidance and Healing Session

1. If you are having a Zoom call please put aside 10 minutes before the session starts to get your device and software launched and ready to connect. Valuable time can be lost messing with computer stuff.

2. Be sitting in a quiet comfortable place for the session. You will want to be undisturbed for the duration of the session. Turn off or mute any devices that might disturb you. For healing sessions, you will want to be hands-free so you can relax completely, so have earphones or speakerphone available. A public place, driving, or walking is not an appropriate environment for these sessions and minding children would distract from the effectiveness of the session.

3. For your Guidance and Energy Healing session, write down 1 to 3 issues you’d like to work on.


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DISCLAIMER: I, Guy Harvey, am not a medical doctor, attorney, psychiatrist, therapist, or other licensed health professional. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease or give psychological treatment. Full disclaimer.

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