Soul Family Chat

February 23rd Event is Sold Out

Love, Healing, and Awakening:

Live Zoom Video Conference.

Saturday, February 23rd, 10 AM USA Central Time (8 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern, 4 PM UK, 5 PM Central Europe)

Host: Guy Harvey

Special Guests: Sofia Barbosa and Chris Wick


Guy was inspired to start the Soul Family Chat by all the beautiful awakened souls he met on Twitter. The chat is an opportunity for our soul family to get to know each other, create deeper connections and expand the flow of love between us and out to the rest of the world.


Each chat will begin with a guided meditation and healing. This helps remove blocked energies at the subtlest level of our energy systems so that the life force can flow with its full power. This will be followed with presentations from our special guests, Sofia Barbosa and Chris Wick. A video chat will follow where everyone can ask questions and share experiences.

The event is approximately 2 hours and there is a nominal offering of $5. In order to allow as much interaction as possible the chat is limited to 12 participants. First come first serve.


Special Guests Sofia Barbosa and Chris Wick

Sofia Barbosa

” I want to talk about Love and what lies ahead, and I want you to do the same. We have spent generations laying crowns of flowers at the feet of nostalgia and building monuments to the past as if only there lived greatness. “Honoring the past”. What about honoring ourselves? Honoring our children?

We have existed as if the suffering somehow meant that we could never move past it. We have exhausted conversations about things that we cannot change merely by talking. We have been doing nothing but talking. And it’s time we face the truth. It’s time to let go. We have to destroy, we have to burn it all. We have to have the courage to start over.”

Chris Wick Twitter @chriswick

“Empower women. They are the earth Empower men. They are the sun. Empower the weak. They are strong. Empower the strong. They are strong because they do not assimilate according to self-serving beliefs.”

“My body hasn’t been to earth before but my soul has been here many times. Deja vu triggers me. Now I know why. My beliefs and truths are felt and they do not need justification from science or religion or any major indoctrinated philosophy.”

“Trust yourself in a world that tried to convince you of who you are based on labels for identification purposes. We grow up attaining labels and programming, but who are we outside of that? That’s who we really are. Only the heart knows.”

How to Register

Make your $5 offering payment below. The Zoom access information will be emailed to you and you will also receive a reminder on the day of the event. Thank you!

About Guy

Guy is a long time yogi. He spent many years studying with Beatles’ guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Almost a decade of that time was spent in retreats doing long silent meditations.

For the last five years, he has been working with the Divine Mother energy and learned how to receive messages from Divine Mother and other Ascended beings. He is a Certified Divine Mother Healing Practitioner helping people live a life of greater purpose, passion, and divine connection

He is a single dad with a teenage son. Loves soccer, nature, swimming, British comedy, and all things mystical.

Experiences from the Soul Family Chat

Guy Harvey: Divine Wisdom and Energy Healing.

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DISCLAIMER: I, Guy Harvey, am not a medical doctor, attorney, psychiatrist, therapist, or other licensed health professional. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease or give psychological treatment. Full disclaimer.

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