Yellow flowers

Lampson Woods in Fairfield Iowa, USA.

I haven’t been doing as much photography in the last few years as I used to. I do a lot of work on the computer and the Internet and I burned out on all the post processing work. Other lifestyle factors have been involved as well.

A few times in the last few weeks I’ve pulled the Artistic¬†Expression card from the Ascended Masters 0racle Cards by Dorreen Virtue. The message is that I have unexpressed artistic expression that needs to come out. It says that not expressing this creativity can lead to unhealthy blocked emotional energy.

I’ve made a committment myself to take my camera out more often this fall. This image was taken on a trail walk near where I live. My girlfriend had the great idea to hold down the branch of yellow flowers so they would span the scene in the foreground. She held down the flowers and I clicked away.

It feels good to be taking photographs again and I am enjoying the warm glow of positive commments I have recieved for this image.

Do you have artistic talents that you are holding back on? Maybe it’s time to draw, paint, take photographs, write, play music or dance.

Photo technical details: I chose F16 in order to give a wide depth of field and focused on the flowers. The lens is a Pentax 16 to 50 mm F2.8 zoomed to 26 mm for this capture (around 40 mm in 35 mm terms).



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