At times I am overcome by fear and anxiety about what is going to happen next in my life.

I am aware enough to know that this is just the ego mind and these thoughts are not my reality and I need to shift my thoughts and frequency to being in the present moment. When I am present and joyful I can create freely and move my life forward in a positive manner.

I have a number of techniques I use to shift myself into enjoying the present the moment. One of my favorites is to spend a minute or two in a rampage of appreciation. I first learned this technique from the excellent law of attraction book “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

This is how I do it – I spend a minute or two looking around where I am. I might be in my room or on a walk or in my office. Every time I notice something I like I say “I appreciate the………” and name the object of my appreciation.

apprecaitesI am currently writing in my office and here are some examples of what I appreciate here:

I appreciate the Macbook Air I am typing on, I appreciate the beautiful artwork on the walls, I appreciate the wonderful Co-Lab space I am working in, I appreciate WordPress and my website and all the creativity it allows me, I appreciate the beautiful tree in the corner of the office, I appreciate the Internet access and all the opportunities it gives me, I appreciate the water I am drinking, I appreciate the clothes I am wearing, I appreciate the cool Co-Lab kitchen space, I appreciate my co-workers.

I suggest you do the rampage of appreciation for at least a minute. You should notice that you feel lighter and happier.

Practicing appreciation focuses you on what you have rather than focusing on lack which drives fear and anxiety. And the saying goes, “what you appreciate, appreciates” or as my teacher Maharishi said “what you put your attention on grows stronger”.

I’ve made this a practice to do every morning. Give it a try and see how much better you feel.

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