I am really enjoying the healing power of nature these days. I went to the lake at Keosauqua, Iowa on Sunday, a state park 30 minutes from my home. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and high 70s temperatures.

My friend and I kayaked on the lake for a few hours. We arrived mid-afternoon and as the day went on the sun got lower, bathing us in a soft evening light.

We saw a great blue heron. Paddled to the beach and swam and lay in the sun there. One family was there – that was it, on one of the most perfect days of the year. Being on the water is so calming and purifying.

After Kayaking we took a walk down a trail to the river bank of the Des Moines river. It was about 6.30 to 7 o’clock and the sun on the western bank of the river was shining through the forest.

I felt sublimely peaceful and connected there in the forest. It’s almost a shock to come back to town and the world of smart phones and computers.

In recent years I’ve lusted for traveling to far and exotic lands but I am reminded the perfect experiences are available to me right here in Iowa.

Do yourself a favor and get out into some nature this week. You are only a short distance away from being reconnected with your spirit.

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