The Time of Tribulation by Rob Cox

Over the course of the next seven years, starting in June 2009, there will be a terrible struggle between the old order, represented by the elite classes of society, who currently hold the reigns of power, and the new order, represented by the common masses of humanity, who are currently powerless.

There will be an attempt by the elite members of society to reassert their unquestioned and absolute authority over the masses. However, this represents the last dying breath of the previous cycle, which marked their ascendancy.

Their plan, and trust me, there is a plan, to reassume the reigns of absolute authority and re-establish the divine right of kings, thus abolishing all forms of democracy, will ultimately fail. Time is not in their favor. Their time has come and gone.

Nevertheless, there will be an attempt to put this plan into place by engineering a catastrophic collapse of the world economy, resulting in global social chaos. It is their hope that the masses will accept their unquestioned authority as the saviors of humanity, who are capable of restoring order through control.

The elite members of society, many of whom claim to have descended from kings and queens of old, seek to establish a one-world government and a one-world currency, of which they are the rulers and bankers. This is not necessarily diabolical.

It is clear that humanity is at war with itself, and that if we continue on our current course, we are bound to destroy both ourselves and our planet. The need for change is thus clear and the elite members of society believe that they are in a position to be the harbingers of that change—for the betterment of all.

However, behind this veneer of public interest, there is also an undercurrent of self-interest, and that is the problem. Unlike the great seer-kings and seer-priests of the ancient past, who were devoid of individual ego, the current elite members of society are plagued by individual ego, and are thus unfit to be absolute rulers with the authority of gods on earth. In spite of their presumably good intentions, their plan for world dominance will not come to fruition. It will be thwarted by the influence of time.

This influence will begin to be felt in December 2012, at which point the reigns of power and control, currently held in the hands of the establishment, will begin to erode.By June 2016, these reigns will have dissolved and a new type of society, illumined by the light of pure knowledge, will begin to emerge. Unlike the historical societies known in the past, which have been based upon class distinctions, the new society will be based upon the equality of the one eternal Self—which is the same in all.

It will take some 400 years for this new society to emerge as a global civilization, filled with spiritual and technological wonders beyond imagination, but it will emerge. This is not a matter of conjecture. It the destiny of mankind, and is built into the very fabric of the universe.

There is no doubt that the next seven years will be difficult. It will be a time of great Tribulation for the majority of the human population on earth. But one should not despair. To use an analogy, the coming time of Tribulation can be compared to the birth pangs of a new civilization—a new social order, which will be much more glorious and life-supporting than anything that has come before.

Educate Yourself

The best protection during this period will be knowledge. We are about to enter a time of many illusions, and to avoid being trapped by those illusions, we must become armed with the sword of truth. Toward this end, the secret of the ages must be revealed, and you must educate yourself in that secret, so that it can become the province of all—and not just an elite few, as in ages long past.

It is time for that which has remained hidden to be revealed. There are many secrets revealed on these pages, in the author’s discourses and writings, that you will not find anywhere else. Take the time to peruse these secrets and make an effort to understand them, for the author will soon be gone, and it will all be left up to you. In times to come you will become the custodians of the knowledge and the bearers of truth, and during the coming Age of Truth, it will be your job to rebuild the new civilization on a solid foundation. I hereby pass on to you what has been given to me.

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