From time to time when I wake up in the morning I feel a bit sad or depressed and might have a thought like this is another groundhog day.

One of the ways I get myself motivated on these days is to ask myself what I am excited about for this day. I find this quickly changes my attitude towards my day. I find it also gives me insights into what I am really passionate about and what I am not passionate about. This helps me focus on areas of my life that I might want to change.

I suggest you make a list of what you are excited each morning for a few days or for a week. You will probably see a pattern of what turns you on and what doesn’t.

When reviewing your list reflect on how you can do more of what turns you on in your life. The more you follow your creative passions, the more you will be fulfilled in life.

Here is my list from today.

Today I am excited about:

  • Doing a Divine Mother Energy Clearing for myself.
  • Attending my weekly mastermind group.
  • Swimming laps at the outdoor pool in the sunshine.
  • Going to the group meditation at the downtown meditation hall.
  • Writing a blog article.
  • Listening to some live music at the open mic at the cafe.

Just from today’s list, I am reminded that I am passionate about energy healing and meditation, swimming, being fit and being outside, writing, live music and creative group activities like masterminding.

Give it a try and share what you are excited about in the comments.

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