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Intuitive Guidance

Are you feeling overwhelmed and pushed to your limits by challenges and changes in your life? You are not alone. The earth is going through a powerful spiritual transformation and it seems like everything that we have relied on is shifting.

My expertise is helping people navigate life challenges with grace by helping them live from a deeper spiritually heart centered perspective.

Divine Mother Healing

When your life energy becomes blocked it shows up in problems in your life, for example in your health, relationships, finances and well being.

A Divine Mother healing works to restore the flow of life energy so you can enjoy your life to it’s fullest potential.

Live Events and Workshops

I’ve been an independent producer and promoter of live Mind Body Spirit events since 2008. I’ve produced events with sacred music star Snatam Kaur and international spiritual teacher Mirabai Devi. I also host a weekly Mastermind and Intention Setting group in my home town.

Guy Harvey: Inspiration, Guidance, and Healing. 

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